Case Studies


Dr Clare Sampson, Keele University 

"The addition of blue sticky roller traps to an integrated pest management programme maintained thrips numbers below the damage threshold and increased grower returns by a conservative estimate of £2.2k per hectare." Reference, PLOS one Journal

Ecuador Flower Grower


“Combining predators with traps has been very successful in controlling thrips.  We have had no crop loss due to thrips in newly planted fields and minimal loss at the end of the season on a replanted 2nd year field. The cost of the programme is less than one weeks’ loss of production.” Reference, Hortidaily

UK Farmer of Strawberries

"After taking part in farm trials testing the blue Optiroll from Russell IPM in 2012, I have used the traps routinely on everbearer strawberries. Using the rolls, in conjunction with programmed applications of N. cucumeris throughout the season, has resulted in no fruit being lost to WFT damage." Reference, Hortidaily


Ecuador Flower Grower


"Optiroll Super captured significantly more thrips than the control. Additionally, the protection was seen to increase substantially as infestation levels increased." Reference, Hortidaily