Optiroll Thrips Control

Optiroll for Aphid, Whitefly & Thrip Control

Optiroll for Aphid, Whitefly & Thrip Control

Whitefly, aphids and thrips are pests of major economic concern for greenhouse growers in the agricultural and horticultural industry. Since 2010, Russell IPM have invested heavily in R&D in order to develop a biorational, non-toxic and easy-to-use solution for controlling the three key pests. As a result, Russell IPM have developed the Optiroll series of products which provides the most advanced form of mass trapping available on the market today.                                                                                                                                        


Optiroll thrips control sticky traps

Thrips such as western flower thrips (Frankliniella occidentalis) can cause severe damage in a range of crops. Understanding the biology of thrips and how they respond to environmental cues such as colour wavelengths has enabled Russell IPM to develop the Optiroll Blue series of sticky roller traps.

Whitefly & Aphids

Optiroll thrips control and Whitefly control, Sticky traps

The Solutions

The damage caused by whitefly and aphid larvae can result in stunted growth and poor fruit development. The Optiroll Yellow range of sticky roller traps have been optimised for use in whitefly and aphid control following large scale trials to determine the specific wavelength of colour most attractive to the insect pests.

optiroll yellow control aphids control whitefly        Optiroll control thrips the biorational way

Optiroll and Thrips control

Optiroll glue traps provide a simple and cost-effective solution for thrips and whitefly control in glasshouses and polytunnels. The sticky traps, when used as part of an integrated pest management programme, can significantly reduce crop damage and improve produce quality. The glue rolls have been developed through extensive trials in conjunction with Keele University, that have taken place in various locations across the globe.


Optiroll, which has undergone 4 years of large scale trials, can significantly reduce insect numbers and fruit bronzing whilst enhancing fruit quality when used as part of an integrated pest management programme. The sticky trap reduces the need for pesticide spraying, minimising residues on fresh produce and the adverse effect the chemicals can have on beneficials.

Optiroll is also recommended for farms that have achieved economic control of thrips through the use of predatory mites such as N. cucumeris. The sticky roller trap should be installed to protect crops from the risk of infestation and damage present at field borders, where mixed populations of thrips can reside. Find out more on the trials here.