In certain greenhouse environments a third layer of attraction can greatly enhance the effect of the specific wavelength of colour and patented design of Optiroll. The research and development team found that in some conditions the addition of a Western Flower Thrips pheromone significantly enhanced trap catch.

Product Description

  • Optimised wavelength of blue colour to maximise pest catch rate whilst reducing attraction to beneficial insects.
  • Glue infused with Western Flower Thrips pheromone.
  • Contrasting patterns of patented design to enhance catch rate.
  • High tack adhesive layer.
  • Compliments biorational integrated pest management programmes.
  • Leaves 0% residue on fresh produce.

Target Pest: Broad range of Thrips species including Western Flower Thrips, Frankliniella occidentalis.

Product information:

Size: 30cm x 100 m Code: PCT-OPTI-SPT30-B

Size: 15 cm x 100 m Code: PCT-OPTI-SPT15-B

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